Session FAQs

What is a typical session like?

Each session is unique, but I try to go through the same initial steps for each one. Your pet(s) and I will spend some time getting familiar with each other. If they haven’t already, we’ll have some playtime to release any pent-up energy. I always have treats on hand, as well as a squeak toy or tennis ball. Once we’re all friends, let the picture-taking begin!

Do I need to do anything before the session?

I’m so glad you asked! Before each session, I ask that you fill out a brief questionnaire about your pet(s). It’s something that will help me become familiar with any likes or dislikes your pet may have, as well as any cue words that always make them perk up, and any important information I’ll need to know about your pet, such as physical limitations or medical issues. It’s also your chance to brag about your pet(s) and tell me all there is to know about them.

I also ask that you exercise your pet(s), or engage in some playtime before the session. A tired pet is much more cooperative and easy to work with than one that’s a bundle of energy. However, we’ll usually have more than enough time to play before the session if you’re unable to do so beforehand.

Do I come to you, or do you come to me?

I’m strictly an on-location photographer. This means I can come to your home, we can go to your favorite park, or anywhere else you’d like to go. If we’ll be having the session in your home, I highly recommend having an in-home consultation beforehand so we can be sure there is enough available light for the photos. If there isn’t enough, we can put our heads together and figure out another place for the session. (This also gives me the opportunity to get acquainted with you and your pet!)

Christa Thatcher Photography is available for travel outside of Southern California. Contact me directly for travel rates.

Why should I get pictures taken of my pet?

These animals aren’t just pets. They’re members of our families, and an important part of our lives. We feed them, nurture them, play with them, take care of them when they’re sick, and they give their undivided attention and devotion in return. My question is: Why wouldn’t you want professional pictures of these important family members?

I just found out that my pet is very sick. Do you make any special considerations for a pet that’s terminally ill?

ABSOLUTELY. I call them Honor Sessions, not only to honor your pet, but because it’s such an honor for me to be included in the precious time you have with them. If your pet is terminally ill, please contact me immediately. I’ll always make time for an Honor Session.

What’s included in the price?

See my Investment section for specific pricing details.

What if my pet doesn’t like to sit still?

I don’t typically like posed shots. They tend to be stuffy and boring. And if your pet is always moving, it wouldn’t be natural to photograph them any other way, right? I enjoy working with exuberant animals – they challenge me to be a better photographer, and I find that these “action” shots end up being the favorites.

Are you prepared to be peed or pooped on?

I’ve been peed on many times. I’ve also stepped in, layed on, and had poop flung on me more times than I can count. It’s all part of the job!