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New Year, New Updates!

Whew! I’ve spent the last few days organizing photos and updating the galleries here on the blogsite. You can check them out above, under “Galleries.” I’d love to hear what you think! And because every post needs a photo:

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Have a Houndy Christmas!

My boy gets so excited at Christmastime. Not only for his presents and treats, but for our annual Christmas session. Doesn’t he look THRILLED? And so spiffy in his holiday jammies, too! He really gets into the holiday spirit. Can’t …

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Tis the Season

I took this shot after Snowmageddon 2010 in Washington DC. They barely had the skating rink cleared, but there were still people who were bound and determined to get out there and skate. As I type this, Winter is starting …

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Wordless Wednesday: The Griffith Observatory

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Autumn at the Getty

And a little bit of winter, too.

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