California + Iowa :: Double Exposure on Film

I can’t tell you how excited I am about these images. A lot of planning and thought went into them, along with some minor annoying of my husband, dogs, and little sister.

These double exposures were taken with my trusty ol’ Brownie Hawkeye using expired (1996) Kodak TMax 100 Pro film, with 12 shots on the roll. The first 12 shots were used to take photos that I think are representative of SoCal. I also took identical images on my camera phone so I’d have a reference point for the second go-round in Iowa.

To say I’m thrilled is an understatement. Please keep in mind while you look at them they they were all done in-camera, on film, and that I basically had to guess how the final product would turn out. I hope you enjoy them too! Please feel free to share!  

Shot #1: The PCH at Leo Carillo State Beach

Shot #2: A cornfield in southwest Iowa

(I really like the initial look of chaos, until you realize what you’re looking at.)

Christa Thatcher Photography Shot #1: Lifeguard tower overlooking the beach

Shot #2: An old silo

(I really love how the cliffs below the lifeguard tower just melt into clouds around the silo.) Christa Thatcher Photography Shot #1: A beach in Malibu + Surfers

Shot #2: A cow pasture + Cows

(This one is my FAVORITE. Do you see the cows and the surfers? How about the beach umbrella?) Christa Thatcher Photography Shot #1: The rocky hillside of the PCH

Shot #2: The gate to a field

(I’m digging the mixed perspectives on this.) Christa Thatcher Photography Shot #1: Point Mugu on the PCH

Shot #2: A flooded cornfield

(I had high hopes for this shot! I really love how the rows of corn seem to be sprouting out of the cliffs.) Christa Thatcher Photography Shot #1: Ventura Beach

Shot #2: A country road

(The darkest section is the beach. The section right above it is the sea. And at the top is the sky.) Christa Thatcher Photography Shot #1: Ventura Beach jetty

Shot #2: Cornfield

(The longer you look at this, the more you’ll see!) Christa Thatcher Photography Shot #1: Palm trees

Shot #2: A grain silo

(Another favorite. I was originally searching for a farm windmill, but I like the silo even better.) Christa Thatcher Photography Shot #1: Ventura marina

Shot #2: Aerial view of the fields of Nebraska

(It’s really subtle, but I’m really happy with how this one turned out. You can’t be too picky about lighting an image when you’re in a plane!) Christa Thatcher Photography

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  1. Maggie Schwarck

    These double exposure pictures are so cool. They are all good, but the Ventura Beach jetty and country rode reminds me of a hologram. You are so talented Christa! Maggie


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