A Flying Leap into Film

For the past several months, I’ve tiptoed gingerly into the world of shooting film. For the most part, I’ve stuck with my 1957 Brownie Hawkeye, which couldn’t be simpler to use. The only thing you have to remember is to stand at least five feet away from your subject before you release the shutter. That’s it! No selecting aperture or film speed or focusing. There’s nothing difficult about it. I’ve loved the images I’ve produced with it, but I’ve been longing for something more challenging.

A couple weeks ago, I spotted an old Minolta SLR on eBay and decided it was the perfect tool to help me take a flying leap into 35mm film photography. Over the last week, I shot a test roll of various places and things, playing with the settings and working on manual focusing, and hoping everything was working correctly. This morning, I anxiously dropped the off at Walgreens to be developed and then waited impatiently for an hour.

When I picked it up, this was the first picture I saw:

Quelle horreur! I nearly drove off the road (kids, don’t drive and look at photos at the same time). Once I got safely home, I was able to check the rest of the photos and they were surprisingly… good! The above photo was (thankfully!) a fluke.

These are just test photos from a test roll, developed at a test lab, so they’re not perfect. But I’m really excited that I nailed the exposure on each one. Focusing could use some work, but I think I’ve finally found a kind of photography I’m excited about. Can’t wait to show you more in the future!

(Fujicolor Pro 400H film + Minolta XG-M SLR – all photos SOOC with minor sharpening)


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  1. Ouaip, j’ai la même distance de vélotaf que toi, mais moi je le fais 5x par semaine même les jours où je cours!Et je ne met pas 20′ par contre!!! 12′ aller et 15′ rele2r&#8u30;Altor, encore un effort


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